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3 Days Left in 2013

I still haven't found a job yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call back from a (seemingly promising) job very soon. The hiring manager's last name was Dixon, which gave me hope in a way since I love Daryl and Merle.

It's been a rainy, lazy sort of day so I haven't done much. I took a nap earlier and slept wrong so my whole right side was numb for a while. It was annoying because my boyfriend woke me up for dinner and I could barely function during dinner, it was insane.

His sister is leaving for Canada on January 2nd, I'm seriously going to miss her. She and I have become really close and I'm going to miss having another female (relatively close to my age) in the house.

I'm still trying to socialize my cat with the dogs in the house. Trying to socialize my cranky cat to three, sweet curious weenie dogs is proving to be very difficult. But, I can’t leave her locked up in my room all day because she whines pitifully at the door like she’s being punished. But, if I leave the door open and she tries to wander out, they all rush her at once because they’re so excited and it freaks her out and she hides under the bed for nearly two hours… I don’t know what to do and I want her to get along with them because once I actually DO find a job, I can’t leave her locked up all day, she’ll be miserable. But, I can’t risk her getting hurt or hurting them, so I’m up in the air… any ideas?

I need to get a new journal before December 31st so I can finish up 2013 with my OCD insanity of OMG NEW JOURNAL NEW YEAR... I have a superstitious bone in my body and I'd rather not strike it the wrong way...

Also, for my fellow Walking Dead fans, AMC is running a marathon all day December 31-January 2nd.

Also, also - I had no idea Norman Reedus played Judas in Lady Gaga's video "Judas" until last night. That's awesome.
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